Our mission at FAMILY TAICHI is to inspire and empower families (kids, parents, grandparents) to cultivate Health, Balance, Harmony, and Peace. We extend an invitation for healing; a place where you can turn off the outside chaos and turn on the voice of your heart.

We offer various modalities for both kids and adults including Taichi/Qigong (ChiGong), Mindfulness Meditation, Gratitude Circles, Reiki treatments, Parkinson's Disease Healing Exercises, Retreats and Workshops.

Terry is originally from Paris, France. He has been practicing and teaching martial arts since he was a teenager.

Terry has been doing Energy work for the past twenty years. He is a Reiki Master as well as a QiGong/Taichi Easy instructor for adults and kids. ​

He is a certified Mindfulness Meditation facilitator and Psycho-Bio Acupressure therapist.

Taichi Easy/ Qigong

Parkinson's Disease Class


Meditation & Gratitude Circles

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