We offer classes for kids, adults, seniors as well as a Parkinson's Disease Exercise program. Our goal is for everyone to thrive and raise up their vitality.

We practice Healing Qigong (ChiGong) where we focus on letting the energy flow through the meridians (heart, liver, stomach, spleen, kidneys, etc.) to build immunity. By tracing the Qi channels we infuse the organs with healing energy. Qigong acts as a natural medicine to activate your body’s self-healing power.

Taichi Easy/QiGong

Means “work with energy”. This class is about connecting mind and body with breathing as the link. QiGong releases stress and builds immunity, one deep breath at a time. As breathing slows down, the mind calms down which creates an Equilibrium of Balance and Harmony. We are in control from within. We disconnect from the energy of the past and connect with the energy of the future. Mindfulness begins. We are in the moment.

Family/Taichi for Kids

Helps children clear their minds, find their focus, relax, and find balance and tools for self-control. They learn how to focus while creating calm and opening up their imagination.

Parkinson's Disease Program

Selfcare is Healthcare. Parkinson's Disease patients need to be healthy and active. We offer a program with specifically designed powerful exercises to help reduce and reverse Parkinson's disease symptoms. We provide Hope and Joy in a "Feel Good" environment.


Meditation/ Mindfulness

Meditation is being in control and getting in touch with our inner selves. It is about being in the moment and reconnecting with our natural and intuitive senses. We focus on breathing, we let go of thoughts and we surrender. We pay attention to the way we feel and only focus on what feels good.

Meditation is Stillness QiGong. We focus on breathing, paying attention, and introduce the intention. We are spectators of our thoughts.

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